Březen 2008

Bělij Plašik ( White Robe) - MAXI single

6. března 2008 v 2:07 t. A. T. u. NEW
dvou disková edice zahrnuje: CD. DVD, single Beliy plaschik, 4emixy, plnou verzy 220, hodinový film, jak se natáčel BP, fotky a necenzurovaný videoklip
Beliy PlashikBeliy Plashik / TV version
Beliy Plashik / full version
220Previously unseen photos from the shooting location
4 remixesBeliy Plashik / tracks
Making Beliy Plashik video / behind the scenes
something else

text anglické verze White Robe :

Feeling lonely, looking faded
Yellow ribbons, black graffiti
Word is written, bone is broken
No big secret left unspoken
Silence fainted in the corner
While it's never getting warmer
All the lies they keep on telling (All their lives they fake off telling?)
But you never check the spelling

Time is running, we are sitting
Back together just for splitting
You were crying in the corner,
All was lost and never formed it
Open up and let me hear it
Former body future spirit
Brain is useless, shell is locking
Open doors for dead men walking

Flying boobies
Hit retarded
Winks and helix,
Five to seven
In this waggon
Full of faggots
Bareback gliding
Back to heaven!